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  • Each order contains 1 Strange Clouds Delta 8 20pc Gummies.
  • Each box contains 10 packages of Strange Clouds Delta 8 20pc Gummies.

Strange Clouds is one of the most innovative Delta 8 product line. Strange Clouds variety and quality of Delta 8 products are unmatched. With each product you can experience a new adventure, memory, or creative burst. Strange Clouds offers a multitude of products, from Cartridges, Disposables and Gummies, there is a product and flavor for everyone. See where Strange Clouds can take you, experience the new world of Delta 8 today.

We’ve taken your classic favorite gummy candies, Rainbow Bears and Sour Gummies and added a twist. Each of our flavors are the perfect combination of sweet and sour with the added kick of Delta 8. This will leave you with a little extra euphoric after effect.

Product Details:

  • Strength: 600MG (30MG per piece)
  • 2 Flavors
  • 20 pieces per bag.

RAINBOW BEARSAn assortment of tongue tantalizing gummy rainbow bears. With multiple different fruity flavors that compliment each other oh so well, you will leave not only satisfied, but wanting more. These bears are added with the extra kick of Delta-8 making it the perfect candy for a laid back time.

SOUR GUMMIESOur Sour Gummies are multi-flavored gummy worms covered in a tongue-twisting sugary goodness, striking the perfect balance of sweet and sour in every bite. Our original flavors include an assortment of combinations from: Cherry-Lemon, Strawberry-Grape and Orange-Lime.